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Excellent Clinical Care - Outstanding Customer Care

TRG's focus is on combining innovation in technology with the leading sub-specialty skills of their team of Radiologists and over 300 staff, ensuring expert imaging, diagnosis and patient experience.

While excellent clinical imaging and diagnosis is paramount, TRG Imaging also places a high premium on providing nothing less than outstanding service to our patients, delivering professional care.

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A team of professionals, providing the highest quality of healthcare.

The team at Auckland Breast Centre are dedicated professionals, committed to providing the highest quality of healthcare to meet the unique needs of patients and their families.

ABC islocated on Auckland's North Shore with specialists who are compassionate and discreet. Their aim is to make sure all patients feel comfortable, heard and well looked after.

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World-class cancer care, delivered locally.

The Canopy team have been providing world-class services since 2010. During this time they have built a strong team who are all passionate about our patients and the outcomes that matter to them most. They provide the highest quality of care and treatment for patients.

If you'd like to contact one of our clinics, please visit the Canopy Cancer Care website.

Canopy Cancer Care website   



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iMIX provides GMP Licensed Aseptic Compounding

iMIX is an aseptic compounder providing personalised treatment solutions.  Their core services include Cytotoxic, CIVAS and Aseptic Compounding.  Their high level of customisation and personalisation to each patient treatment plan set them apart from other providers.

They are future-focussed, always searching for innovative new ways to optimise personalised health for more New Zealanders.

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